This is my character Peludo Rodríguez!! Surrounded by horror creatures in the Overlook Hotel...
I created Peludo Rodríguez to practice hair particles in Blender.

I started this project drawing a simple shape that wouId allow me to focus on the hair, althouth I added socks and slippers to make Mr. Peludo feel comfortable. See below the initial sketch and the final render:
Sketch vs Final Render of Peludo Rodríguez
I decided to add a carpet to the scene (so that I could add more particules!) and the design of the floor of The Overlook Hotel (The Shining, Kubrick, 1980) came to my mind!
This is the effect that I made with the hair particles on the Overlook Hotel pattern. It looks like a real carpet!
Then I created a room and added a set of lights. I made a procedural texture for the wall to make the scene more interesting and prepared the camera set up.

I rotated the Bezier Circle, which is the path that the camera would follow, and keyframed variations on the camera lense to provoke a more dramatic effect.
Here's the scenary I created for Peludo
I designed doors that could open and close, and modeled monsters: a ghost, a big eye creature and a big denture with eyes!
I rendered the frames of my animation and tested the compositing options in Blender. I made the scene a bit warmer and more contrasty to add drama to the scene.
The same frame before and after the compositing in Blender. I adjusted the colour and brought contrast to the whole scene.
I took my rendered frames to Adobe After Effects, created a vignette and modify and keyframed its position along the timeline to add more movement.
I edited the movement of the vignette effect and the sound in Adobe After Effects.
I edited the sound with effects from and music from
Credits below:

Sounds from
- Creature Roar 1 by jacobalcook
- 37-temblor.wav by felipe.j
- Ghost Scream by onderwish
- Puerta cerrándose by Yeyasempai
- Abrir puerta.wav by ktinquelal
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