This is my entry for the 2000AD All Start Competition 2023 consisting of creating a single-page comic featuring the character Judge Dredd. I wrote a story about a gang of mutants that traffics with toxic waste and how Judge Dredd intervenes to stop them and enforce the law!
I showed my Judge Dredd comic at the Hidden Show 2023 at the Royal College of Art in Battersea, London, printed as an A2 poster in Somerset Fine Art paper.
I read many Judge Dredd stories from the Complete Case Files to create my comic and paid special attention to those by Ian Gibson.
Below you can see some photos that I took of the single-page comic after I printed it:
I like to use meta-techniques in my comics and I use the gutter as a narrative space. In this single-page comic, the mutants always appear in the gutter, they are outlaws hiding from the Judges!
It was not easy to compress a story with a beginning, middle, and end within a single page so I worked a lot on the story, script, and page layout. Taking part in the 2000AD competition was a great opportunity to experiment with the format and have fun.
I hugely enjoy the process of developing this comic.
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