If you've been following my work, here are some UPDATES:
- Forehead Blues, the graphic novel, coming in 2024.
- A new graphic novel to be revealed :) coming in 2024!
- Salamanca Blues Part II coming in 2025.

I regularly post updates about my work and upcoming projects on Twitter and Instagram
Hi! I'm Alba, a comic book artist from Galicia (Spain) and I live in London (UK). I'm the creator of the series Earth Blues, an ecologically conscious collection of futuristic and fantastic comics inspired by climate change. Some of the titles are Marghera Blues, about two mermaids that lived in a toxic lagoon until humans mysteriously vanished; Forehead Blues, about a man who turned into an outlaw after losing his money in Venice; and Salamanca Blues, in which the main characters escape from an ancient Spanish city that has fallen under the power of a sect worshiping enormous lizards.

I self-published the 1st part of Salamanca Blues in 2022 via crowdfunding on Indiegogo and it's now available in my online shop and in bookshops in London, A Coruña and Salamanca (see the list of stores here). You can read here the Salamanca Blues review written by Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier and here a review about my Earth Blues short comics.

Apart from The Earth Blues Series, I have other comic projects like Angel People, inspired in London, its Caribbean community and Punk music. I've also done short comics like School Walk, about childhood in war, inspired on the Syrian conflict.
I'm a member of WIP Comics group, a collective of UK-based artist and some of my mini-comics are in two of their anthologies: The Lucky Horn, an unfoldable comic which is part of the 2021 Lucky WIP Anthology Collection and that has led me to do my first motion comic (watch it here). And MoonFall, which is part of the 2022 WIP XL Anthology. I'm one of Broken Frontier' Six to Watch Artists 2022.
If you want to know more about my art, check My Portfolio. I'm a visual development artist and apart from comics, I create concept art, illustrations, storyboards and 3D characters. I practice life drawing everyday and have a website with a selection of these sketches here! I have an ongoing lifedrawing project called "Life Drawing on the Underground" which I recently exhibited at the Royal College of Art, find out more here

"Life Drawing on the Underground" at the Royal College of Art, London 2023

Apart from drawing and making comics, I'm an educator practitioner. I'm a Technical Instructor in Digital Print at the Royal College of Art in London where I teach students how to make zines and self-publishing projects, and I deliver workshops about Risograph printing. I'm also an Adobe Mentor and I give feedback and advice about drawing, illustration, visual storytelling, comics, concept art and digital painting on Discord's Adobe Creative Careers Server. If you are interested in 1 to 1 mentoring or would like my feedback on your work, DM me on Discord.

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