Hi! I'm Alba, a comic artist from Galicia (Spain) who lives in London, UK.
I love making comics and I write and draw my own stories with humour and a pinch of fantasy.
I'm working on The Earth Blues Series, a compilation of stories about us, humans, and our planet. I started this project with a couple of stories inspired by the city of Venice: Marghera Blues, a short comic about pollution based on the chemical plant of Porto Marghera, and Forehead Blues, a sci-fi tale about social inequality and manipulation of public opinion. You can read a 5 pages comic draft of Forehead Blues on this website but I'm developing this story further and it's going to be a 32 pages exciting comic full of humour and adventure!
 You can read here a review by Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier about my Earth Blues short comics.
Soon I will be launching the first issue of Salamanca Blues, keep an eye on this website and on social media! Salamanca Blues is part of the Earth Blues Series too, an adventure that happens in Spain, in a very far future, when humans are almost gone but... you'll see...
Apart from The Earth Blues Series, I have other comic projects like ANGEL PEOPLE, inspired in London, its Caribbean community and Punk music.
I've also done short comics like School Walk, about childhood in war, and The Lucky Horn, a purely fun and crazy unfoldable comic which is part of the 2021 Lucky WIP Anthology Collection and that has led me to do my first motion comic!!
If you want to know more about my art, check My Portfolio. I'm a visual development artist passionate about storytelling, concept art, illustration, storyboarding, cinema, comics, animation, and video games art.
If you are interested in my work, want to say hello or have a project in mind, fill in the form below:
Thank you!
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