Once I had a clear idea of the story I wanted to tell, I sketched out all the pages with pencil to develop the script visually and to make sure that the narration had rythm. I also did some studies on the side about the characters, locations... Here there's one of the sketches of the mutant fishes:
The next step is to draw the actual pages! I like to use blue mechanical pencil on A3 paper. Then, I inked the drawings by hand using thin brushes and Indian Ink. Instead of inking on the actual drawing, I made a copy of it so I keep clean and safe the drawing and ink on a very light blue color print.
There are four pictures below where you can see the sketch, the blue drawing and the inked page.

Here there's a snap I took in the middle of inking the cover.
Once the inking is done I scan the pages and I'm ready to colour digitally in Photoshop. I like to keep the inked outlines that I had scanned in a separate layer so I remove the blue of the pencil using the Channels.
Here there are a few screenshots of the colouring process. I start with flat colours, then cel shading, lights, a few details and ready!
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